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Our actions

We want to participate in the effort to preserve our planet.

Our actions, in summary:

# ENERGY preventive maintenance, monitoring of consumption, priority to the purchase of local food materials

# WASTEWATER : collection of cooking oils, fats and greases

# ANTI-WASTE : purchasing policy, seasonal restaurant cards, Phoenix partner, ecopump soap/shampoo in room

# WASTE : reduction of POS/paper menu, waste sorting, recycling: glass, green, yellow, organic waste, batteries, cartridges, (...)

# MISCELLANEOUS : sharing of best practices between member hotels, information on accessibility of destinations by public transport, business transport services, renovation policy based on the transfer of sustainable furniture.


Eco-responsible and civic commitment

The Campanile Montesson - Le Vésinet hotel has entered into a partnership with Louvre Hotels Group eco-responsible approach. The facilities have been designed to saving water and energys, the cleaning products and soaps are eco-labelled and grey water recovery projects are underway.

The institution undertakes to use only eggs from alternative to cage-free farming by 2025. This commitment includes both fresh eggs and eggs in egg products.

By 2026, 100 % of our chicken meat supply will come from farms that meet all the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment. This commitment concerns all Louvre Hotels Group establishments in Europe. In France, in addition, at least 20% of these supply volumes will come from farms that guarantee, in addition, access to the open air or a winter garden for the animals.

The French companies, short circuits and locavores are favoured, thus enabling the creation of a restaurant menu adapted to the rhythm of the seasons.

Our producers contribute to the quality of your stay through their know-how and commitment to their products.
Taste the honey from beekeepers Greg's Honeywhose bees are raised with passion in the west of Paris, to the beers of the craft brewery founded in 2012 The Little Sister founded in Sartrouville or at the Folliet café, a master roaster since 1880.
Our establishment also offers its unsold products on the Phénix application to avoid food waste. A concrete and citizen action!

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Second concrete example

An eco-citizen attitude with our partnership with CRYO® Discover a water of exceptional quality that has no impact on the environment. Served in bottles with a simple and elegant design, still or sparkling, CRYO® water is produced and refreshed directly on site. Bottles are no longer transported, stored or thrown away

CRYO®French society leader in its very high-end positioning in micro-purified produced water (or filtered water) on site


3rd focus

We are aware that our restaurant menu is limited to starters, main courses and desserts. This voluntary choice is based on the following motivations:

Guarantee the quality of the flavours offered

Favouring preservative-free, natural and more organic and locavore aix&terra condiments each year

Focus on the consistency of this quality

Limiting waste in a situation requiring overnight changes in the situation (confinement, etc.)



0 %
Aix&terra macerated oils
0 %
from the Apéro range
  • And many other jam references etc.
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We are proud to be a partner of Phoenix. If you want to save our breakfast baskets, salted, sweet surprises at very interesting prices, go to the application.  
Looking forward to seeing you again 
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